it's happening.

I've always hoped that it would, but it's hard to imagine dropping everything, leaving everyone that I know, to go and live for a year in a foreign country where I know not a single living soul. Even now I can't picture leaving, but in only four months i will leave my little town of Homer, Alaska to live for a year in Borne, Overijssel, a small town in the Netherlands. I was notified a few weeks ago that I had been accepted into AFS Netherlands, and that I already had a host family! To say that I was incredibly happy is an understatement. I feel so lucky to have this amazing opportunity to study in such a wonderful place for an entire year, and that I have a lovely family to live with as well... soon I will post the email that Paula, my host mom, sent to me. I know no Dutch and so I've begun a language program to learn the foundations. So far I can tell you what that man is eating (an apple - een appel) and that no, that dog is not white, that dog is black (die hond is niet wit, die hond is zwart!). Impressive, no? Anyway, the closer i get to my departure date the harder it is to wait! And I keep listing 'last times' to myself: This is the last time I do this, or have to wait in line for that. And so on. 

Anyway... if you have any questions, stories, advice, etc. do not hesitate to contact me! Especially if you have advice. The part of me that is as terrified as it is excited would love to hear from you. My email is maya.rohr@gmail.com and I'm on Facebook and stuff. Or, you know, if you're lazy (or efficient) you could just comment on my blog... I'll try to post as I am updated! Thank you for reading and check in every now and then to read up on my adventures abroad!

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  1. Maya-girl, you are amazing and a complete inspiration to me! Look out world, Maya Grace is very self-reliant and she's comin at ya! I look forward to reading about your many adventures, and learning a little bit more about the Netherlands because of you. My travel advice: Start practicing sleeping on your back now. Not all beds are created equal and the only way to sleep well on most European beds (that resemble hard-wood floors more than beds) is learn to back-sleep. I'll be sending you happy vibes from across the ocean and look forward to reading your many stories! cousin ali